Monday, 20 December 2010

A full table

Every year before Christmas, children from a congregation in Prague play their Christmas pageant in my congregation.
This year, there were really many of them.

After the play, we went to the adjoining tower where there's always something to drink or even eat.
It was foggy and very beautiful. (Unfortunately, for a reason my camera's been making rather fuzzy and grainy photos recently.)

There was a lot to eat this time.

"It seems Protestants all over the world are the same," said my sister who's spent considerable part of the year in Latvia. "They're always eating."


  1. The photo of the snow is beautiful. We haven't had much yet.

  2. How lovely the fog through the trees looks!
    That's true in my experience, too - feasting is an important part of fellowship, and it seems to be an ever popular activity! Especially when blessed with a full table.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Isn't it great to be blessed with a full table? Although - I experienced the same in the Catholic congregation in my hometown (after the ecumenical service that takes place twice a year in my hometown), so I guess it's rather universal. :-)

    Stephanie - we've had lots, but it's quickly melting now. :-( I hope there will be some left for Christmas! Hopefully it will, there were really lots. :-)

  4. What a photo - you could put that on a wall.

  5. All the food looks so interesting and exotic. Eating though, is universal. The Baha'i community always jokes about the surfeit of food at our events.

  6. Well, I should have thought of that! :D
    It's fun, having our food deemed exotic. It's mostly sweet desserts. Then they are those little breads with vegetables - those are also a usual part of feasting in my country. Called "chlebíčky", i.e. - "little breads". It's usually a kind of baguette, or whatever you'd call it, cut in slices, spread with something spreadable (note that we much more prefer butter and some kind of gervais over mayonnaise) and with things on top, like vegetables, salami, slices of hard-boiled eggs etc.