Monday, 3 June 2013

More fun with search terms on my blog

I played with these in this post; but since then, I did more of occasional checking the statitics, and I've got another list to share.

"skica]" - Another of those accidental characters. (For the record, that's Czech for "sketch".)

Connected to that is this one:
"dress images  skica" - So strangely mixed up English and Czech. One redundant break. Ah, I love these accidental searches.

"meme kráva" - "Kráva" is "cow" in Czech. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW THIS SEARCHER ENDED UP ON MY BLOG.

"mechanical things to wear" - Ditto for no idea, although "the same words but not together" might be at work here.

"adk 125 / 2" - When I search for this one, it gives me a crane truck. Yep. This is dress diaries, people! (Apparently, this happened because this picture on my blog ended up with that string of characters in its URL, because internet obviously does not like Czech diacritics.)

"indian fashion maker machine for beeding n overlocking and all type of fabrics" - Sounds a lot like the magical machine that would make anything you put a picture of into, that I dreamed up as a child...

"19th century wrocław painted bowl" - Aww. Mine are modern, unfortunately.

"first time raw fish" - Yeah.

"gif soup horses" - Sorry, what?

"stuff white bear holding a rose" - Bear, yeah. Rose, yeah. Rose, and Rose. Lots of white stuff.

"old algerian dress" - Not a dress, not old (I suppose). Does it still count as a searching success?

"dressing a black bride" - Well, sorry I can't help.

"clay relief art" - Here's mine.

"sauerkraut soup" - Really! I hope that was helpful.

"shweshwe for brides" - Wrong blog.

"czech recipi for škubánky" - "Recipi" is SOOOO cute. I wonder who searched for that. Someone who knew how to write "škubánky" and did not know how to write "recipe".

"iron age baltic needle case" - I wish.

"pan tadeusz outfits" - Oh, please, come out, you! I'm sure we'll have something to talk about.

""tadeusz czech" or "tadeusz * czech" or "czech, tadeusz"" - Well, that was resourceful. And it's Tadeáš. You're welcome.

Oh, and on Sunday, there was this:
"doctor who twelfth doctor" - Well, I'm not sure I'd tell, even if I knew! I'm apparently not alone in thinking Peter Wingfield would make a great Doctor; but he's probably going to make a great doctor instead, and good for him, I think.


  1. Okay - you made me go look at mine, which I look at from time to time, but don't end up with anything like you get.

    "putting salt and broom outside door" hmm a witch, maybe?

    "the immediate" - what?

    I should look at these more often!

    1. I suppose I get these strange results because my blog is so ecclectic. I mean, yes, this is a dress diaries, but I do end up talking about all kinds of things, from cats to locomotive building to travel. It's just the way my whole family is, I suppose... You stick to your topics more closely. (Which is a nice thing, actually.)

  2. Oh! Broom and salt - maybe in the winter! not so weird as I'd imagined - my apologies to the searcher. :D

  3. I get some weird ones. Some are even slightly offensive like "How did that person end up on my blog!?" :)

  4. Oh, yours aren't pervy like mine- I swear I must disapoint a whole herd of adolescent boys looking for friskiness and getting me!

  5. Very amusing! I also enjoyed the Camouflage post with the G. K. Chesterton quote. :)