Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday

Today, it's not just Easter Sunday; there was a baptism in our church.

And there were many children, too. But I did not take photos of them. In part because they're so lively.

 * * *

I did not really intend to do an outfit post, because... well, it's Easter. But I got so many compliments at church that I figured I'd better document this for posterity. As in, the purpose of the outfit posts is to document what I like wearing and what looks good on me and this apparently fits into both categories.

Also because the coat is one of my newest thrift shop finds that fills a considerable hole in my wardrobe. It was very cheap for such a good staple. There are some little problems with it (like a spot hidden by the purse), but it's very much "me", and I don't find coats that feel just right that often.

beige wool felt cloche - C&A
green cotton T-shirt - thrifted
brown cotton blend sweater - C&A, second hand from a friend
beige cotton coat - thrifted
blue plaid woollen blend skirt, bias cut - thrifted
brown stockings - some Czech brand or other, České fusekle in Brno
black leather pumps - Clarks, second hand / thrifted
shoulderbag / purse - thrifted
ring - my baptism gift from grandma

Sometimes, an outfit is not a sum of its parts. But this one is. I like them all, and I like the complete picture probably even more. Not bad for something I just pulled together in the morning when I decided I did not feel like wearing my Blueberry skirt on such a bright day...

It's actually a very 1930s silhouette, somehow.

The cats, of course, got curious. So here are some cat photos for you:

One of the tiny ones playing with the tripod. We've reached a point where only some of the cats have names. This is the playful one. It may be the same one as the one called Lorinka, but I'm not sure and think not. Their coats changed a lot with the change to summer coat. :/

A tomcat being mesmerised by a bird.

This tomcat.

* * *

And I've just seen my first butterfly of the year. It was yellow. Joy.


  1. What a wonderful thing, to have a baptism in your church today! A double Easter for that person.
    Your outfit is very well put-together, as you said. I like it!
    Your tomcat has a cute round face.

    1. Yes. Our minister said that he had suggested the Easter date because it's a traditional baptism date for adults... such a double Easter as you said. It makes for a very joyful day indeed! And many meetings, to borrow J.R.R. Tolkien's term. :D

      That round face is rather unusual among our cats.

  2. I do like your outfit too, it reminds me of Phryne Fisher Lady Detective, who I just blogged about. Although I am not sure tat an Easter baptism requires any kind of investigation! :) A joyful day indeed and a double celebration :)

    1. Yes, I noticed your post and thought it was a funny coincidence, style-wise. :-)
      And no investigation. Just celebration.

  3. Easter Day is wonderful occasion for a baptism - illustrating dying to sin & rising to new life as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

    If as an older male, I'm allowed to comment on female fashion :-), I love your outfit, especially for creating something attractive, without spending a fortune.

  4. Hello, I love reading about your sewing and fashion and I've just nominated your blog for a Liebster Award over on my blog :)

  5. Krásný klobouk ladící s kabátem a černý kocourek na poslední fotce je jak profesionální fotomodel - ví, jak se má tvářit, aby bylo znát, jak je dokonalý krasavec...:-)

    1. Zírá, jak ho fotím, zvědavec. :D Kočky mají talent si krásně sedat.