Wednesday 22 May 2013

Look what I've got! The aunt edition + A dog story

My aunt is moving, and getting rid of stuff. She decided to get rid of a large part of her sewing supplies, because, as she said, sewing clothes is not really her thing after all (she makes super-cute toys, like my old teddy). Among other things, that means those old magazines are now definitively mine.

Today, I went to her home to pick some thread and other things (which turned out to be quite a load). I walked, and made a detour through two more villages - well, through one additional one as opposed to the usual way. As I walked through that village, I met a dog. The dog decided I was interesting and went on with me.

This is Dog, before I realised he was not going to stay in the village...

At the edge of the village, I got a first indication of Dog's unique nature. Dog kept running away to inspect various interesting smells along the road; but he kept running back to me. During one such expedition, he got in the way of a car. The driver glowered at me. I shouted at the driver that Dog wasn't mine.

Dog thought I was his, though.

He continued running around me, following me, running in front of me, running through puddles, getting in my way, getting in the way of cars (one stopped just in the nick of time, with a terrible screech) and being a total disgrace.


A clever and audacious and stubborn and cute disgrace.

He went with me all the way to aunt's door, where I had to get in through a narrow gap so that Dog would not follow me into the yard.

I got so many things from aunt that I don't think I can show you all of them here... maybe I'll never show you all of them anyway. :D

A sleeve board! This one I actually already got on Sunday. But oooh, I've been thinking for some time now that I really really needed this!

Some trim. The gold one on top is almost like knitted net, so I'm thinking that maybe I could manipulate it into a hairnet or something...
I also got lots of lace, but that I did not bother photographing. Sooner or later, I'll hopefully use it for something, and then you'll get a photo.

A box full of tailor's chalk! I think I'm going to share this. :D Although I'm definitely keeping the magenta one.

Bias binding! And some khaki twill tape.

A box full of tools, somewhat mysterious.

I have a feeling I've seen something like these before, but I can't place it.

It looks like some sort of smoothing tool?

 A little sharp hook.

A curved bodkin.

 A tiny hook. (Crochet? Crewelwork?)

A wooden needlecase! How wonderful is that? Also, now I have one of those bone awls! I think that may come in useful when I want to be sure my eyelets won't get too big.

And then I got lots and lots of thread; mostly polyester, but also lots of thick linen heavy duty thread, and two spools of Gütermann's buttonhole twist!

It can't get much better than free Gütermann's buttonhole twist, I think. If I manage it before aunt moves, I think I at least owe her a Tiramisu or something...

After I got home and sorted out most of the things, I eventually got a text from my aunt, telling me the dog was now sitting at the bus stop in my hometown: just to wrap up the story.


  1. Krasa, ja takhle nasla vloni poklady po babicce, podobnou drevenou "krabicku" na jehly, krasne voni jako vzpominky na detstvi... :) fotky zde: A ty tajemne spulky - nejsou nahodou palickovaci?

    1. Myslíte paličky? Ty to určitě nejsou: nemají žádný prostor, kam by se navíjela nit. Jak tak na to teď koukám, začínám to podezřívat, že jsou to nožičky nějakého nábytku, které mají zespodu přitlučenou plsť, aby neodíraly podlahy... :D

      Babičkovské poklady jsou nejlepší. Mám na nich hrozně ráda, že jsou nejenom funkční, ale i hezké. To ty dnešní ogumované nástroje nedovedou!

  2. Well, you've got a lot of interesting things there; that's great. I love the photo of the road, but can the story be over if you don't tell us you'll be taking the lovely doggie home?? He is awfully cute! I suppose he's lonely.

    1. Absolutely NOT taking him home. He had a collar; and five cats are enough already.
      Though I may have missed out on letting somebody know he got lost. He rather had the look of a dog who does this sort of thing all the time, so I thought he'd get home all right...

      I hope those great things will get some great use soon, too!

  3. Aww the dog really liked you!