Thursday 23 May 2013

It fits!

Remember how I talked about Ema and her fancy snap-on feet that are incompatible with the Lucznik's old sturdy ones?

Well, in aunt's box of tools, there were also two sewing machine feet. Including a rolled hem foot.

And it fits!

It's obviously not a fancy snap-on one, but it fits.

(Also, since I wrote that post about Ema, I found a stash of empty bobbins - I'm even more grateful now that they're interchangeable!)


  1. That is great! The one thing I don't like about my Janome is that you have to get their brand of attachments (as far as I know, that is). No more buying assorted inexpensive feet through a catalog.

    1. Hm, that might be worth looking further into. Where would that kind of information be found, I wonder? I really don't know how I'd search for more used feet of this kind, either...

    2. I'm not sure how ordering from e-bay would be into the Czech Republic... Apparently, many sellers want PayPal, which I don't have, and the prices are often higher than for new feet in CZ to begin with, let alone if I were to add shipping!
      It may be worth it for you, though!

    3. Hana, if you should ever see something like that on ebay that you really want and can't get any other way, I can get it for you, and mail it!

      Did you see that Rhonda (Down to Earth) has put a link to your blog on hers?

    4. Thank you for the offer; nothing of that kind is around right now.

      I had not known; I did not check her blog today until after I read your comment. I am, to borrow a British phrase, chuffed. :-)