Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring, Once Upon A Time In The West, and so on: a wrap-up post

The recent weeks were... I don't even know what. Frustrating for sure, because it's April already and there had been no Spring to speak of until about Monday. I also missed Easter Sunday service. That's really frustrating, and I thank everyone who wrote wonderful Easter posts on their blogs, because I fairly lived by those in these recent days, even if I did not comment. I think you'll know who you are...

As I said, though, Spring's finally, finally here. The sun's shining and the blackbirds are singing their syrinxes off.

I've been to the National Theatre. The National Theatre is a perfect example of squeezing as much as possible from as little as possible. It was built from money raised by popular collections, on a plot by the river that looks very romantic nowadays but was probably a low-rate spot back then. And small. It seemed to us as if the stage was bigger than the auditory, and we sat high above it and it gave my sister vertigo.
My Little Black Dress got another outing, the excitement of which was kind of ruined by the heinous weather and badly fitting shoes (a case of "they fit all right when I bought them, and never since").

The play was awesome, though.

In other news, my ooold computer finally died on me (as in, it kept hiccupping while doing the most basic things, and finally certain things stopped working), so now I have a new computer that Father's had in works for a long time now. The new computer is so, so much faster. And so, so much quieter. The old one was somewhere between 8 to 12 years old, though with upgrades...

I finally, after a very, very long time, made it to an editorial meeting of our youth magazine again. Nearly everyone in the "editorial board" is from Prague or studies in Prague, except me, so I have not been able to attend for a long time, and it was another frustrating thing, being in touch with these people only through the internet.

The last post still remains unfinished. And I realise I must have forgotten to inform some of the last blogger awards nominees...

Best school quote of the week: "You should not be surprised by American hypocrisy. America has the greatest ideals, and therefore also the greatest hypocrisy."

Apologies to my American readers. The man who said that is American, too.

And I have only finished a single Historical Sew Fortnightly item so far, and that one a bit late. Item to come.

The most exciting thing for now: Once Upon A Time In The West in cinema! Sunday evening. I had not been able to just let something roll for a long, long time. I needed that. I love the music. I cried at the end, as always. (It's beautiful in that very raw Western way.)

Here's an iconic costume-related scene that may explain at least part of it.


  1. Hi you, missed your posts. And I also somehow missed your last post - thank you for the thank you! ;-)

  2. I haven't seen that film - I have to say that I'm not keen on westerns. But you shed tears over it? Over a western? (that is a great photo, though - too bleak for my tastes, however).

    Your mention of the awards brings up something I've been meaning to tell you - namely, that I'm not ignoring the honor! But the last time I passed blog awards (from you, again) on, nobody was much interested in them. So, here I sit, with the remembrance of these awards and that I should publicly acknowledge them and pass them on, but don't quite know how to go about it. Meanwhile time passes, etc. And how long has it been? Anyway, I'm not ungrateful! But it's just easier to throw up a post about whatever I'm doing or thinking, than trying to figure out what to do with these lovely and generous awards. Hopefully I'll get it sorted out. soon. :)

    Lastly, I am irritated by this American fellow's remark. Maybe that makes me arrogant! But, what culture doesn't have it's arrogant citizens? It seems de rigeur for intellectual Americans to criticize their own - isn't that arrogance?

    1. It's my specific reaction... I guess it would not be your cup of tea. But the ending is moving... hm.

      No worry about the awards; I don't exactly go around checking people I awarded or anything. :D (That is, I did check at first, because it's nice to follow the links elsewhere when I have the time, but I don't see it as any kind of obligation.)

      And that remark - well, I guess I should have included the context. It came up in a discussion of historical issues, namely slavery and all the accompanying baggage. Discussion as in, he reacted to a student's astonishment at said baggage.
      If it's only American intellectuals who criticise their own - whew, they have nothing on the Czech. Everyone criticises here. Maybe he has lived here too long and gone native. :D

    2. Maybe. :D It is good to not see only the bad, or only the good.