Saturday, 22 May 2010

New fabric

I went to a fabric shop yesterday. And bought fabric. Mostly fabric I have a project in mind for, which is awesome (considering the amount of fabric without a clear project in the future that lies around the house).
The only one I do not have a project in mind for is the beige remnant on top. I snatched it in the remnants bin, because it was lightweight cotton in a colour that could go with something I might make in the future... Maybe as bias binding. Or something else. We'll see.

The light blue one is a knit that is destined to become a dress.
The white lightweight cotton (batiste, I believe) is either destined to become part of a chemise, a slip to go under aforementioned knit dress and other dresses, or to be combined with a remnant of Marimekko "Heinä" batiste I bought some time ago, and become a dress. (Mine is a different shade of blue, though, closer to the knit above. And look! I have a fabric designed in 1957!)
The navy is the best. It's a lightweight cotton sateen. Part of it I'll try to overdye with yellow to a green similar to one on the saree, and it will serve as lining for my regency dress. Part of it is going to become a blouse I've had in mind since 2000 - because that's when there was a pattern I liked in a Burda WOF magazine. It will be a bit different, though, particularly around the neckline. But I'm sure I'll start with that pattern. That's good, too, those Burda magazines will finally find their use!

I'm still contemplating some lovely cotton voiles they had in the shop, though. I think it's called voile. I noticed a bright yellow with white polka dots, a dark, brownish yellow and a navy. I'm afraid I'd have to come up with a project for the navy one and come back for it. It could be lined with the sateen - I bought 5 meters of it, so maybe it'll suffice...


  1. Hi Hana! Nazdar Hanko! :)
    Great that you have this new blog! I´m going to be your reader for sure! I bought some new fabric too, more on my blog (in czech...).

  2. Welcome to my new blog, then. :-)

  3. well HEY! you have a new home too! i LOVE it. i'm so excited to see your pride & prejudice meets sari dress...

    i have to put my timestamp back on my log list. apparently you'll been here awhile :)

  4. Now I surely have to make that dress... to fulfill your expactation.
    That, actually, is one of the reasons why I started my first blog. To push me in my makings. It didn't work very well that way, though. I hope this sewing-diaries style of blog will be better at that.