Friday 1 November 2013

I wish this were me in 1797

This 1797 fashion plate from costume Parisien. I'm finding that 1797 might be the year for me. It's got most of the features I like, and a silhouette I like - still the transitional style I'm drawn to, but already streamlined into the more flattering classical style we all probably love most about the Directoire/Empire fashions; and headwear I like.

Fichu en marmote! Now, this really has to be me.

I love the combination of colours here, bold yet pastel, and that cute white fur trim on the spencer, and the simplicity of the whole thing, in all its boldness. There's a very timeless quality to it - leave out the plume (and the whip, obviously) and wear it with a modern white shirt, and you could wear this today. And get photographed by The Sartorialist while wearing it.
Though I'm wondering why she has that band underneath her chin... is there something going on underneath the fichu that we do not know about?

I guess this "feature" is all you're getting from me, clothing-wise, for a while yet. I'm working on things. Very slowly, because there are many things not clothing related that I have to work on, too, and when I finish those, I'm often too tired to take up the needle. But I am working on it. I finished all the eyelets on my Regency stays, and yesterday I knitted away on my laces, only to find out it was still not long enough...

Although, wait a minute, I have some new acquisitions I could show you. And some oldish ones, too...


  1. hana! you´r still alive ;-)
    the "marmotte" saves me on so much bad hair/bad weather days........
    looking forward to the things you are working on.........

    1. Surprisingly, yes. :D
      I'm wearing it now; yesterday out, and today washing windows; it's definitely a very autumn colds/bad hair friendly style!

  2. I wish it was you as well :) and I hope you can finish your project very well.

  3. That plate is lovely. I like the colors portrayed, the red, green, and yellow.... not something I would have thought to put together but now that I see it it is quite pleasing. Future costume inspiration, maybe?

  4. Replies
    1. Probably; but it does not say so specifically on the plate. And strangely, it rather seems to consist of separate pieces than being one designated outfit, which is what most riding habits appear to be otherwise... It seems rather like pieces that have been put together to make a riding habit (like the men's shirt), but that could, spearately, be used in other outfits as well (like the spencer). I think this possible versatility of separates is why I like it so much and find it so modern.

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