Thursday, 8 March 2012

An Austrian 1932 magazine and pattern catalogue

Some (a long...) time ago, I borrowed a stack of 1930s and 40s German and Austrian magazines from my aunt, with the intention of scanning them and tracing the pattern sheets that survived the flow of time. The tracing is tiresome and the scanning complicated, because most of them are bigger than our scanner - so I still have them. This is one of them.

"Die schöne Wienerin", from the year 1932 - it does not state the month, but this illustration suggests it was in spring.

It's a women's magazine and a pattern catalogue. It states on the cover that there also was a free pattern sheet attached, but that's gone now (sadly).

I won't comment these pictures... I don't have the time and patience to translate from German now. Just sit back and enjoy.


  1. These are marvelous! How fun to have an Austrian magazine=)

    I think my favorite is the dress with the pleated skirt in the second picture from the top. So cute:)

    1. Yes. I love that there are some photos as well - it gives a much better idea of what the clothes looked like. And that one is definitely cute!
      One of the magazines even turns out to have been published in Czechoslovakia - that makes it a bit of history of my own country. The German part that is mostly forgotten now.