Saturday 12 November 2011

Adventures in colour coordinating

Huh, I haven't posted in a long time - again! School, and sloooow internet when at school, and flu and not much blog-worthy creating...

I went to a thrift store I hadn't been to yet, hoping to find winter boots. Of course, thrifting being what it is, I did not find winter boots I liked in my size. I found these beautiful shoes instead (and I see now that the photo isn't the best there could be, because you cannot see that they have a slight wedge of about an inch and that there's a piping of the greenish yellow fabric running along the wedge), and a silk shawl to match.

So I didn't find winter boots, but this is very good.

I also, finally, finished the aqua stockings.

Well, not exactly finished, because there are still some finishing touches to be done. But finished knitting.
Each stocking has a different toe. That's what comes from figuring things out as you go. I like the look of the left one (the newer one) more.

I love how bright and cheerful this aqua yarn is. Maybe too bright for me, but I don't care. Winter requires bright things. I'm going to make myself a hat as well, and if there's still any yarn left, mittens or something.


  1. Definitely a Snow Queen look, with all the aqua - it will be pretty.
    - I have not forgotten about the hat - never fear!

  2. I don't fear. I'm taking my time with things, too - quite awfully.
    I want to use one of the patterns from the 50s knitting magazine for the hat. I just can't decide which one.