Thursday 31 March 2011

Thrifty 15. Maybe.

This is the outfit I figured out for the Thrifty 15 Challenge. But the challenge has been prolonged till April 7th, so I'll probably play a bit more when I come back home - this is a bit bland. It's like the spring we've had so far, and very much what I like wearing, but not much of a "Spring Dream", so if I can figure out something more playful, I'll use that.

(Plus, I've been wearing that skirt for days now, and it needs ironing. And I have no ironing board here at school. In the frontal photo it is fine. In the back it is not.)

Kerchief/headscarf - found by my grandma on the street = free

T-shirt - Esprit, thrifted for 10 CZK

sweater - Dima, clothes exchange = free

skirt - H.H.S. Collection, clothes exchange = free

stockings - a Czech brand or other, 98 CZK

shoes - Freemood, clothes exchange = free (that fits them, doesn't it? :-)

belt (not seen) - thrifted several years ago, most probably 20 or 30 CZK (certainly not more - I bought it in a stage of my life when I rarely bought a thrifted piece of clothing for more, and had I paid more for the belt, I would remember)

chalice necklace - family heirloom

Total: let's take the highest estimation... 138 CZK = 7,98882 US dollars


  1. Maybe not the most exciting colors, but I love the way you photographed it. It makes it look like a painting.